About Our Website Design and Marketing Agency - Boxtop Marketing

About Our Website Design & Marketing Agency

Boxtop Marketing is a remote agency based out of Seattle. Our team members and clients are located across the U.S., and we’re able to work with businesses anywhere in the country.

We’ve been creating custom websites, organic marketing plans, and paid campaigns for small businesses since 2011.

Our agency was initially founded as Doctor Web Solution. We specialized in marketing for dentists and healthcare professionals, with our cofounders Beatriz Chalas and Grace Harnois having backgrounds in marketing, design and dental & medical office administration.

We rebranded to Boxtop Marketing in 2022. Today, our agency focuses on small businesses and professionals in all industries, offering unique digital marketing solutions no matter the field. We do everything possible to make our clients’ marketing plans comprehensive, straightforward, and effective.

Why “Boxtop”?

Your boxtop is what prospects see before they dig in, before they tear open the wrapper with enthusiasm at what’s beneath. It’s the succinct expression of your business model that wins people over and gets them invested before they’ve even purchased your services or products. It’s the piece of your business that draws in new converts, and turns them into loyal, repeat clients.

What sets Boxtop apart from other marketing agencies?

The feedback we receive from our clients in everyday communication represents our unique strengths better than we ever could ourselves –

“I trust you. I know that you actually care about and understand my business.”

“I can’t believe you caught that – thank you so much for being so in-depth!”

“This analysis is so thorough!”

“Thank you for adapting our marketing to fit what we need right now.”

“I really appreciate the last minute changes to the campaign, I can always count on you.”

“This automated campaign you developed is amazing, I’m saving so much time and my staff is super connected!”

Our strengths lie in being adaptable, dedicated and endlessly creative. If a campaign isn’t working, we figure out a new solution. If that new solution doesn’t work, we pivot to a different approach. We don’t set and forget cookie-cutter campaigns – we build each one from scratch depending on what your unique business needs.

What’s special about a remote agency?

Although we won’t meet in person, our team members will still be able to develop relationships with you through virtual meetings, emails, texts, calls – whatever we need to make your campaigns a success. By operating remotely, we are able to significantly reduce agency operating costs and translate those savings to affordable pricing for our services.

Each of our clients has a dedicated point of contact who will be available to help with whatever they need. You’re not dealing with a faceless, vast support team whom you need to explain your concern to over and over again. Your manager will become intimately acquainted with your business and develop solutions that are the best possible fit.

If you’d like to learn more about our agency, visit our FAQ.

What will my marketing plan look like? What will it cost?

We specialize in customized solutions.

The first question is always: what’s your marketing problem?

Unsure of what the issue even is, but not getting new leads from your website (so you know the problem is there)?

We will diagnose it, identify the specific issues, and put the solutions in place.

We work with you on your budget – whether that means a small Facebook ad campaign, a promotional email campaign spanning several months, or a comprehensive SEO & marketing plan.

To know what’s best, just request a complimentary website evaluation and we’ll share a personalized plan compiled by our team within 48 hours.