Frequently Asked Website Design & SEO Questions - Boxtop Marketing


How long will it take to design and build my website?

With the client’s cooperation and quick communication, we estimate that a new website design can be completed within 30 business days.

Who owns the website and content?

The client will have copyright over the website design, development and content once the project is completed and paid in full.

Are your website designs unique?

Yes, every business is unique and so are our website designs. We don’t copy designs for multiple clients and we incorporate each client’s specific requests into their designs.

Is the website content unique?

Yes, we create unique content for each client and all the pages of their websites. If we are redesigning a site, we rework old content to ensure it is unique, optimized for search engines and also tailored to your own practice.

Who writes the content for the websites?

We have in house copywriters who work closely with your account manager to produce content that follows best search engine practices and is also engaging and compelling for human visitors.

What are your SEO Methods?

We provide comprehensive search engine optimization plans that address all components of your online presence – on your website and off your website. This includes blogging and content marketing to generate traffic, directory listing management, generation of new reviews for your office, building back links from relevant sites in your industry, site restructuring to comply with Google’s best practices, and more. We develop custom plans oriented around what your office’s website needs. Request a complimentary site evaluation to learn more about what we’d recommend for you.

Do you outsource your employees outside the country?

No, every member of our team is based in the United States. Our agency has its headquarters in Seattle.

How many websites or clients do you manage?

We manage under 100 websites, which allows us to focus individual attention for our existing clients and develop close personal relationships between a dedicated account manager and each client.

How long will it take before I see results from your SEO plan?

We require that new clients sign up for plans lasting at least 6 months because search engine optimization takes time. We build links to our clients’ sites gradually, so that we can improve domain rank and authority in a natural way and not seem spammy (which can trigger Google penalties). Our clients typically see an increase in traffic within the first month of our services, but organic conversions typically take several more months to increase.

Can you guarantee that I will get the first spot in Google results?

Unfortunately, nothing in SEO is guaranteed – and anyone who promises to get you the first spot in the rankings is not being completely transparent. Search engine requirements and guidelines are constantly fluctuating. Google and other leading search engines value site quality and the user experience over all else, and everything we do aims to improve those components – rankings, traffic and leads will follow, but we can’t give guarantees as to exactly what those will be like or when they will occur. As we mentioned above, 6 months is typically a safe window for forecasting improved organic results.

Where is your office located?

We are a completely remote agency. This helps us reduce costs and, in turn, offer affordable marketing services to our clients. Since we provide local search engine optimization, our clients are across the country. Our owner is based in Seattle.