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Local SEO for Small Businesses

We’ve all been there – when you know you’re providing an excellent level of service, but your competitors’ websites are showing above yours in search results and stealing your rightful leads.

If you’re tired of your business’ website being hidden deep in Google results, our search engine optimization plans will make a difference.

SEO is a massive, sophisticated industry – and every SEO agency has its own approach. With SEO being so intangible, and the time commitment typically being at least 6 months before you see noticeable results, how can you know whether one agency’s plan is actually effective?

What We Offer Our SEO Clients

We don’t make guarantees about specific rankings for specific keyword phrases, but we can promise this: our SEO plan will increase your organic traffic, improve your rankings across the Google platforms (Search, Mobile, and Local/Maps), and deliver new leads.

The best part? SEO is a long-term investment – what we put in place today will continue working into the future.

You don’t have to take our vague word for it – take a look at this client’s case study to see the extent to which our SEO plan improved their organic traffic within 12 months.

If you consider the cost of your investment into this plan against the revenue the leads we’ll deliver generates, the return on investment is typically so significant that you won’t question the decision to invest in your SEO ever again.

But what about algorithm changes, you say. Can’t a shift in Google’s policies and indexing mean my site gets dinged? Sure – for some websites. But we build our SEO practices on a foundation of providing high quality content, a positive and frictionless user experience, and a site structure that communicates well with search engines. We never engage in sketchy or black hat practices – which are what Google’s algorithm updates are targeting. This helps ensure that your SEO is evergreen and your site continues performing well, even if you’re no longer working with us.

Which SEO plan makes sense for my business?

Many agencies offer cheap SEO and insist that everything necessary to improve your rankings and traffic is included. But the fact of the matter is that these plans are typically light on actual human work and heavy on low-impact directory listings (and other work that can be fully automated and copied across clients).

Our team is made of real people, and we really write, code, and design the pieces that will make your individual site perform specifically for your business.

While we don’t say no to some healthy directory building, we’re not going to pretend that those directories will actually make a difference to your online presence.

So what tier makes sense for you? Our SEO plan is comprehensive because this includes everything necessary to provide the best possible results, on an accelerated timeline. But if you’re not able to budget for that at this time, there are pieces of the plan that we’re able to offer a la carte to best accomplish whatever goals are most pressing for you, right now.

What are you interested in?

Comprehensive SEO Plan
Everything you need to get ranking, get traffic, and get leads
6 Month Minimum

One (or more) of these components of our SEO plans listed below. We love building marketing plans that work on your budget – let’s talk options!

One-time SEO update – Improve site organization, speed, headings and page layout, meta titles and descriptions, link structure, schema markup and calls to action

One-time content update – Build out individual service/product pages on your website to improve rankings, traffic and leads

Link Building – Research and acquire links back to your website on key websites with high domain authority to communicate your site’s value to search engines

Blogging – Content marketing to generate organic traffic

Reputation Management – Send review requests (can be automated depending on your CRM) to recent customers, respond to feedback and display a review feed on your website

Directory Listings – Create fully optimized local listings for your business on key data aggregators and directories to improve rankings and business information consistency

Social media – Engaging with your customers and generating new followers, leads and website traffic.