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Pay-Per-Click Ad Management

Want valuable leads ASAP? Not interested in the more substantial time commitment of SEO? We can get a Google Ad campaign up and running within 2 weeks – and deliver you new business.

We understand when an SEO plan isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. SEO takes time – and you likely won’t see an increase in leads right away. If you’re ready for new business, PPC (Pay Per Click) ads are the answer.

Within 1-2 days of our ad campaign going live, the leads will start flowing, and you’ll be able to reap a near-immediate profit from your investment.

We have run Google Ad campaigns for a wide range of businesses and professionals, and we know what works. More importantly, we test our ads thoroughly and continuously to ensure we’re delivering you the best possible ROI.

We work with all ad budgets and develop ad campaigns that work within the parameters of what the business is able to spend – from a $500/mo ad budget to $20k+.

Why Clients Love Our PPC Ad Management Services

Comprehensive service We offer everything you’ll need to get ads running and new leads calling, sending appointment requests or coming through your door. This includes landing page design and hosting, ad copywriting, offer formulation, ad account setup, and ongoing management with adjustments based on performance.

Effective landing pages We draw on our 10 years of experience to develop ad landing pages specifically for your business that convert your ad clicks into paying clients. We update the pages as needed based on visitor engagement. Whether you have an existing website or not, we are able to design, develop and host landing pages.

Ads that fit your budget We don’t require that you start advertising with a monster budget that leaves you feeling stretched thin. We’ll work with you to see what we can deliver with the budget you’re comfortable spending each month.

Range of experience We’ve managed Google Ads campaigns across an array of industries, including legal, financial, dental, medical, real estate, personal training, cosmetic & more.

Custom-written ads We emphasize your business’ unique traits rather than plugging in the same copy we use for other clients in that field – every ad we write and landing page we build is distinct and ad copy is not reused.

Single point of contact You’ll work with one member of our team throughout, so no details go missing and there’s no miscommunication about budget, timelines or other campaign details.

Active monitoring We are proactive in our ad management. We don’t wait to hear from you to check on ad performance – we regularly evaluate clickthrough rate, conversion rate, cost per click and other key factors to ensure your ads are performing and delivering a return on your investment. We monitor ad performance closely to ensure that your return on each lead is more than worth the cost – and that lead quality is superior, generating business from that individual not just today but in the years to come.

Precise paid lead tracking We utilize call and form tracking to identify your true ROI and ensure ad leads are worth the cost.

What about Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads?

We also offer Facebook and Instagram ad management – either in addition to Google Ads or as a lower-cost alternative.

We do typically recommend Google Ads over Facebook/Instagram ads for small local businesses interested in valuable lead generation because these prospects are actively searching for keywords related to your services or products, as opposed to having them served to them based on broader targeting.

That said, some of our clients have seen great results with Facebook and Instagram ads, and we’d be happy to discuss details with you to see whether your business would be a good fit for these ad platforms. Social media ad campaigns are also cheaper than Google Ads campaigns, although that does come with a reduction in lead quality.

Social ads are ideal for building brand awareness and creating retargeting audiences, so they have their strengths. Get in touch to learn which type of ad campaign might be ideal for your business!

Some examples of successful paid social media campaigns we’ve run: