Ranae Hanson, Author -

Ranae Hanson, Author

Project Goal: New Website for Author & Activist

An author and climate activist was interested in a website that would act as both a personal publishing platform and an educational resource. She wanted to include information about watersheds and the concepts behind her book, the intersection of personal health and the climate crisis, and an easy-to-update blog where she could share her ongoing writing.

Our Website Design

We created a streamlined design with a natural aesthetic to match the book’s themes, including a pine needle-framed logo. We used photography of the author’s childhood lake and woods for a personal feel that incorporates locations from her memoir. We also created an easy to navigate blog with an appealing layout that encourages visitors to browse the posts and learn more about topics related to her book. The home page also houses a blurb showcasing upcoming events that the client is able to update herself to keep her visitors apprised of her speaking engagements.