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Vein and Laser Institute

Project Goal: Website Redesign for a Vein Center and Medical Spa

This multi-location vein center and medical spa was interested in a new design that felt more personalized to their practice. Their prior site design was more geared toward the cosmetic side of the business and didn’t properly incorporate both the medical and aesthetic components. It was also difficult to find information about their different locations, and content overall was generic and brief.

Our Website Design

We created a design that prioritizes office photos, staff credentials and unique components of the practice to effectively communicate what sets it apart. We incorporated information about the different locations throughout the home page so that it’s simple to find the most convenient office and schedule with the location of the visitor’s choice. We also streamlined the design to pull out key calls to action and quickly, intuitively guide visitors to the cosmetic or medical services that interest them.

medical website design example