Grace Harnois | Cofounder and Owner of Doctor Web Solution

Grace Harnois

Grace Harnois

Cofounder & Owner

Grace has been spearheading content marketing plans, website design ideas and comprehensive marketing strategies since Doctor Web Solution’s founding in 2011. She’s passionate about discovering each and every small business’ online potential – and solving the thousands of puzzles that pop up along the way.

Grace’s backgrounds in writing, design and business management make her an expert at telling a small business’ story – whether that means better articulating what’s already in practice, or developing a new brand and identity. She doesn’t give up and loves when an in-depth research project results in a new possibility for one of our clients. She will work with you from the beginning of your connection with Doctor Web Solution and ensure that you see real results from our tailored work.

“I love what I do because I’m never done. Flexibility, creativity and resourcefulness guide every choice that I make for our clients, whether they’ve been with us for years or we’re just getting to know their business.  Our clients appreciate my attention to detail and understanding of what makes their brand unique. I’m always available to bounce ideas off of, and I maintain frank and open communication with clients at all times. My priority is to unlock your online potential, and I will work with you closely to figure out exactly what that means for your business and your industry.”