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Content Marketing

dental marketingYour website should speak clearly to its visitors. While the design plays an important role in engaging first-time browsers, it’s often the content marketing that convinces them to call your practice. Your beautiful layout, before and after photos, and office tour need to be supported by written content that details your practice and its priorities. Boxtop Marketing provides entirely unique content for every website we create. Your content will be tailored precisely to fit your preferences and your business.

The Value of Unique Content

The next time you’re visiting a competitor’s website with content you like, copy a paragraph and enter it into any search engine. How many results come up? If it’s more than one, it’s not unique. Countless businesses and content providers copy and paste bits and pieces of content from across the web. This may seem harmless, but it essentially tells search engines that the site isn’t legitimate. Google penalizes copied content, and your site will see lowered rankings as a result.

Why Content Marketing Matters (And What Your Content Says About Your Business)

Although search engines are key, your content is primarily for your human visitors, acting as an introduction to your business. How can that content serve your business when it was written for another? Content provided by our team is fresh, clearly written, engaging, and informative. Your customers will find what they’re looking for, whether it’s education, details of services, or the key tenets of your business. Before writing your content, we’ll gain an understanding of what sets your business apart, resulting in a website that reflects you (and you alone).

Your content will include:

Content is king! Let us give your business the exclusive, excellent content it deserves. Contact us to get started.