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Winning Web Design for Your Dental Practice

dental web design

Web design is the darling of the Internet. No matter how great a site’s content is (whether it’s text, photographs, or videos), the site’s design facilitates and effects viewing. Unless they’re already invested in what that specific site has to offer, many first-time visitors will navigate away if they don’t gel with the site’s design. Design dictates a website’s appeal. Is yours convincing new patients to follow through and make a call? It may be time for an update.

Time for a Website Redesign?

Refreshing your website’s design is simple and a wise investment. With the constantly evolving face of the Internet, regular updates are necessary to stay in touch with what looks current. Redesigns also help you stay abreast of Google updates and keep your site search engine-friendly. If you struggle to look objectively at your website and decide what it needs, our team can help. It’s always tough to mentally separate from something you’ve spent time building. We can offer that outsider’s perspective, aided by design expertise.

Why Your Website’s Design Should Be A Priority

dental website design

Make your website a place patients want to spend their time

A website’s design speaks to visitors the moment they land on the page. This is more than can be said for the site’s content – depending on its format and on-page location, most visitors will never see its majority. Design stands out instantly, and determines the way patients view your entire site. Is the layout user-friendly? Is it clean and appealing? Is it action-oriented, providing patients with a clear route to contacting the practice? Your design should accomplish all these tasks, and more.

Is Your Current Website Design Working?

Unsure whether your website is in need of some work? Consider a few of the following criteria to decide whether it’s time for an upgrade.

  • Is your website yielding new patients? This question is both straightforward and complex. How do you determine whether your dental practice’s website is doing its job? The proper solution lies in tackling some contact data. Consider how many appointment requests have come in via your web site, and which services those patients were seeking (were they preventive, cosmetic, restorative, etc). Use web analytics to determine the bounce rate of your home page. You’ll be able to decide whether people are interacting with your site in a way that is rewarding to both them and your practice.
  • Do you like your website? You’re the most important benchmark of your website’s design success. If you just settled for a design and it’s not exactly what you’d like, chances are that design doesn’t really fit with your mission statement or your practice.
  • Is your design consistent with your practice’s image? This applies to both visual branding and the site’s content. Does the appearance and layout of your website match paper promotional materials, the practice’s logo, and other representations of your office? It’s key that you establish a consistent brand, and your site design is a great place to start. Nearly everyone who searches for a new dentist online will pass through your site before making a call, and they’ll be evaluating the practice along the way. Make sure those patients draw conclusions that reflect the reality of your practice.

Submit your website for a free design and SEO evaluation to get an idea of where you’re at. We’ll comment on what should be working well, potential changes you could make, and what the redesign process would entail. There’s no obligation involved, simply some professional advice. If you’re unsure about your design or your on-site SEO, we’d love to take a look.

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