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Short-Term vs. Long-Term Web Marketing


dental marketingIt can be difficult to focus on both the present and future. But if you don’t have goals in place, how can you know what to work toward? This is true in every area of life, but especially pertinent when applied to your actions on the Web. Since the Internet’s landscape is constantly evolving, you need to be aware of what’s going on today and what could come tomorrow. Your web marketing efforts need to address both of these realities.

How can you predict the future? By putting safe, smart practices in place that will pay off over time. With today’s post, we’ll address some ways to boost your website’s ROI – today and tomorrow.

Short-Term Marketing Practices for Immediate Results

Sometimes, you need to get the word out ASAP. This is especially true when you’re running a practice special or trying to promote a specific, limited-time offer. In this case, there are ways to appeal directly to patients, and to dictate the message you send. Some short-term marketing efforts include:

  • Google PPC ads – You probably know that Google is the king of the search engines. If you don’t: it’s overwhelmingly the most-used engine, and it determines whether your site will be placed high in rankings or left in the dust. With Google ads, you’re able to set up a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign for specific keywords. These ads are listed at the top of and alongside search engine results, and you’re only responsible for payment correlated to the number of clicks your ad receives. That’s the kind of advertising that you can really control.
  • Facebook ads – Facebook offers ad services similar to Google’s, but with added targeting options. Since users readily give Facebook detailed information about their interests, preferences, and demographics, that information is at your disposal when advertising. You can choose the types of potential patients you want to show your ads – and put a cap on the cost to prevent big spending.
  • Social media posting – Want a great way to reach patients without opening your wallet? Turn to social media. Posting photos, blurbs, and links to great content on your Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ pages will grab attention and get patients thinking about your practice. It’s also a perfect way to advertise promotions.

Longer-Term Marketing for Gradual Payoff

While of-the-moment marketing is all well and good, you absolutely must focus on caring for your long-term web presence. This means working to get your website high in the search engine rankings. The higher it is in lists of results for different keywords, the better chance you have at snagging new patients. But improving your rankings takes some solid, long-running work. It takes time for search engines to notice what your site is up to – and to respond positively.

In order to see your site through to a bright future, consider engaging in:

  • SEO – Listing “SEO” is a little redundant, as search engine optimization is the larger definition for each of these practices. But it’s something that you need to maintain as a constant focus. In order to boost your SEO efforts, make sure to work on:
  • Content production – Creating fresh content for your site, whether it’s in the form of local pages, blog posts, news, or service pages, is key. This shows patients and search engines alike that you’re staying current.
  • Building links – The more links on high-quality websites lead to your own site, the better you’ll do in search engine rankings.

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