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6 Resources to Inspire Your Dental Blogging

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You know that blogging is crucial. Creating new content on a regular basis boosts your site in the rankings, shows patients that you’re invested in maintaining an online presence, and also offers great tips and advice to your audience. But it can be tough to motivate yourself to get tapping away at the keyboard. Feeling stymied? Whether you’re struggling with writer’s block, a lack of ideas, or an uncertainty as to exactly how to write a blog post, the web is rich with blogger-friendly resources. Below, we’ve listed a few of the top places we find blogging help.

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Resources For Dental Bloggers

In order to blog successfully, you need to be able to multitask. These resources speak to that: they run the gambit from keyword advice to dental news to writing tips. Check them out to see if any could be helpful for you and your dental practice’s marketing efforts.

  • Keyword Planner – Because Google is basically the boss of SEO, it has a number of resources that are incredibly helpful for small business owners. One that’s content-specific is the Adwords Keyword Planner, which shows average search volume for different terms. Why is this helpful for blogging? It’s the simplest way to check your topic ideas against what people are actually searching for in Google. This is a way to safeguard against search engine-unfriendly post titles and refine the keywords and long tail keyword phrases you’ll  be using in your blog content.
  • Topic Generator – HubSpot is an excellent resource for marketers and small businesses. While their blog is filled with ideas, their Topic Generator provides help when you’re totally at a loss for words. If you’re struggling to combine keywords in an appealing way (there are only so many ways to talk about porcelain veneers, after all), try typing in some subjects and tweaking the results. The Topic Generator won’t provide perfect titles, but it will help you get brainstorming.
  • New Beauty – This beauty site is an ideal resource for cosmetic dentists and aesthetic clinics. New Beauty’s Smile blog discusses new trends and products in the cosmetic dental realm, as well as common aesthetic concerns and ways to repair them. Their visually appealing, concise blog posts can serve as inspiration for those trying to focus on cosmetic treatments.
  • Dental Tribune – While this collection of dental articles is fairy clinical and mostly for professionals, not patients, it offers up-to-date news that could inspire ideas for posts.
  • Medical News Today – This database collects research studies related to oral health and dental treatments. Let the specific details of this research motivate you to put together some newsworthy blog posts. Take breaking research and let it serve your practice’s marketing needs.
  • Colgate – Colgate has a huge collection of resources for both patients and professionals. The page we’ve linked is a list of their oral health-related articles, which come out on a weekly basis. Their ADA news page also consolidates releases from the American Dental Association, which can help keep you up to date on industry trends and ADA-certified products and practices.

Your blogging needs are always changing. But with this collection of resources, you’ll be able to find help with whatever you’re lacking at the time of writing. We understand the panic of a blank WordPress post and a blinking cursor – don’t give in to the frustration! Get proactive and get blogging – your practice will see the benefits.

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