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Making Your Dental Practice Buzzworthy

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Get your patients buzzing!

Any phrase involving “buzz” should be approached with caution. This term has become a catchall for content that tends to be less valuable than it’s cracked up to be. But sometimes, a little buzz can be exactly what you want. If you get site visitors talking about you, and then have the goods to back all that talk up, you’ll find yourself sitting pretty with new patients on the schedule.

How do you strike the balance between buzzworthy and truly worthwhile? With some clever social media marketing and unique practice specials. If you’re stumped as to how you should proceed, Dr Web Solution can help. Read on for a few tips.

Setting Your Dental Practice Apart from the Pack

While being a healthcare professional wasn’t always synonymous with savvy web marketing, it is today. There are so many dentists on the Web – and they’re all fighting to end up on the first page of search engine results. Everyone (at least, almost everyone) creates a site with the aid of a professional designer. Depending on the age of the site’s design, it will fall into a certain category. And within the stratum of dentists that have a comparable level of web design, you have to do more than just create a nice homepage to make yourself memorable.

The Fun Side of Dental Marketing

It’s time to take a look at your practice and decide what makes it special. Every office is unique, but it’s harder to pinpoint exactly what those exclusive characteristics are (they can be quite subtle). Is it a certain brand that you offer? Your attention to gentle care? A soothing, spa-like office environment? An experienced, dedicated staff that works to build a patient community? No matter the practice, those special aspects are there – waiting to be emphasized.

Once you’ve identified what sets you apart, it’s time to market your practice in a new way. Your marketing doesn’t have to be dull or staid, even if you have a dental or medical practice. There’s a fun side to everything. Pairing specials and treatment packages that rely on your strengths with an entertaining, easily understood format will show patients what they stand to gain from your practice, rather than the one down the street. Communicate patients that you have the specific facilities and abilities that fit their needs.

Social Media is Your Best Friend

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this (admittedly difficult) task is with social media marketing. Because social media combines dissemination of information and a visual, pleasurable format, it’s an ideal tool for dental marketing. Make your services a little more thrilling by displaying and discussing them in a new way. With the aid of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and more, you’re able to quickly and easily post

  • Specials – If you don’t regularly run practice specials, it’s time to start. People respond to limited-time and package offers.
  • Ads – Social media advertising is easier than ever, and can be targeted to specific demographics.
  • Before & Afters – Why not show off examples of your work? They’re guaranteed to wow patients.
  • Jokes/cartoons – People appreciate seeing some levity on social media – it’s actually what most are looking for during their Facebook or Twitter visits (a little break from the workday).
  • Educational facts – Use social media to educate your patients and they’ll remember you for your helpful tips.
  • Photos and tidbits about the office and its staff – Take advantage of the visual format to get current and prospective patients more familiar with your practice.

Still looking for ideas? Just get in touch to start a marketing conversation!

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