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Local Landing Pages: Do They Work?


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If you’ve dabbled in SEO, you’ve probably heard of “landing pages.” These are the catchy pages set as destinations for various routes of contact and leads-generators (like PPC campaigns), and they’re designed to act as the final step, where leads submit their information and become patients. Each landing page is designed to elicit responses from a certain buyer/patient profile. So, why not take them a step further and add some geo-targeting?

Local landing pages can make a difference for single-location businesses hoping to cast a wider net. If you’re surrounded by suburbs, one of the only providers in the area, or otherwise standing to benefit from drawing neighboring locations, local landing pages are a great plan. But how do you set them up, how do you choose your targets, and what results can you expect to see? Read on to learn more, or contact our team to bring us into your marketing plan.

Anatomy of a Local Landing Page

  • h1 – Your page title and URL will be the city and service that you’re promoting (i.e., “Chicago Web Design”). The h1 is one of the biggest signals to Google, and when paired with a consistent URL and more detailed variations in the content, it will rank.
  • Image: Local landing pages aren’t just for search engines. Find content that will help you appeal to the specific patient that you’re trying to bring in with this page.
  • Content: The page content should communicate well with search engines, but never sacrifice the user experience. Google’s algorithm updates are continually heightening their quality standards, and emphasizing that the content that really counts is that which is useful, appreciated, and shared. Discuss the service and why it might be appropriate for users in that business area.
  • Form: Give leads a simple way to reach you. By including a form directly within the landing page, you give your visitors a way to get in touch immediately, without even leaving the page.
  • Meta Title, Meta Description: Make sure your meta data supports the other keyword phrases you’re using across the page, and include the primary keyword phrase in both (Yoast’s SEO plugin helps make this simple). As always, your meta title should be catchy enough to bring in folks that glance it in the search engine results.

How Do Local Landing Pages Rank?

This all depends on where your office is, and the kind of competition you’re facing. Unless you’re up against a big city, the results are typically good – especially if you focus on long-tail keywords and specific suburbs or towns. By pairing common search terms (i.e. “city” and “treatment”), you provide patients seeking those out with relevant Google results.

Ready to get ranking, and build your patient base? Let’s talk local SEO.

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